Web Hosting Industry

Credit Card Processing Specially Designed for Web hosting Industry

Host Merchant Services gives you complete solutions for your credit card processing with secure financial transactions specially designed for web hosting companies.

  • HMS is the perfect choice for web hosting companies in payment processing.

  • The rates we offer are very reliable with complete transaction security and reliability.

  • The payment processing solution we have designed is very reliable and trustworthy.

Industry Expertise

Host Merchant Services has equipped with universal knowledge and reliable expertise in hosting industry.

  • The CEO of the company, Mr. Lou Honick, has served more than eleven years in the industry of web hosting that gives an outstanding edge to HMS over its competitors.

  • Host Merchant Services has a vast network of web hosting companies working with them as their partners. It gives a backbone support to the company with reliable support throughout the industry.

Integrity, Reliability, Trust, Services with HMS Guarantee

Host Merchant Services gives you complete satisfaction with the specific advantages offered by this company to the web hosting industry in following areas:

Customized E-Commerce Package

A customized E-Commerce solution is integrated with:

  • Payment Gateways in web hosting industry

  • Virtual terminal in the industry

  • Development of online shopping carts

  • Technologies specially designed in mobile payment solutions

Affordable Fee Structures

HMS offers you guaranteed fee solutions with:

  • We offer fee rate analysis that you can save according to your convenience.

  • We offer you guarantee to save your money and if we canít then we will give you a gift of $50 gift card.

  • Interchange plus pricing model we have developed is best in the industry.

  • The rate we have locked you will never increase over time.

Superior Customer Services

  • Personal services and clarity offered by HMS is exceptional in the industry.

  • We explain to our customers how our payment processing solution works for them.

  • The customer support services we offer range 24*7*365.

  • We have operators online always available to give answer to your calls.

  • If you are facing with any problems then we will be available to help you with guaranteed services at its best.

Data Security

HMS makes sure the customerís transactions are very safe and secured with:

  • Highly developed PCI compliance initiative

  • Program organized to meet data breach security insurance

  • Program developed for the integration of payment Tokenization

A Partner will serve you with its Best Services

Host Merchant Services gives you ideally developed partnership program specifically enhancing web hosting companies by giving them an offer of our merchant services quickly and easily to your companyís end users. Once you become partners with HMS, we do our best to get your customers using our payment processing services while you share in the revenues. This partnership program has been developed with the following points including:

  • Very affordable and low rates that HMS guarantees

  • A specifically developed website for your web hosting company to meet your business goals and branding to run merchant services through

  • We review and give approval to all of your applications and you need not to do any work at all

  • E-Commerce tools are specially designed to support your end users with quick and affordable payment processing

  • Assistance offered in SEO and Marketing campaigns