Programs based on Small Tickets

Host Merchant Service is very committed to bring its customers with lowest fee structures in the industry. We have specially developed small ticket program that helps to do for those who process their transactions at $15 or less.

Some companies are hiding these percentile points in the variation that is created between large ticket and small ticket processing. Host Merchant Services serves you with the best saving program specially developed for you. The small ticket program is developed with lower interchange amount that saves most of your money in processing charges for all those purchases which are $15 or less. Some merchants have given the benefits of savings but they are tied with Durbin Amendment which caps an interchange fee of around $0.24 along with 5 basis points. The merchants representing smaller business community not benefited much with this saving when they are running transactions under $15 because of the capped post Durban rates that takes up a larger percentage of the total ticket which is 2.1% of a $15 ticket before the charge of any additional fees.

Host Merchant Services has developed its small ticket program that allow small merchants to pay a fee per item only with 5 cents with the payment of an interchange rate of 1.6% which saves incredible amount of money on lower transaction with per item fee very less and it has no burden on small merchants and giving them maximum facilitation.

Visa opened for the type of businesses that qualify for Small Ticket Processing Program in November, 2010. For each of these industries have qualified for this program including:

  • Local Commuter Transportation

  • Taxis and Limos

  • Bus lines

  • Road fees, tolls and bridges

  • Supermarket and grocery stores

  • Stores known as convenience stores

  • Services station

  • Fast food based restaurants

  • Drug and general stores

  • Book stores

  • Newspaper dealers and the newsstands

  • Dry cleaning industry

  • Quick copy stores, reproduction and blueprint

  • Garages and the parking lots

  • Car washes

  • Motion Picture Theatre

  • Rental stores for video taps

  • Government and post stamps only