Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is an ideal system based on the technologies to facilitate merchants to submit their transactions electronically by using various payment processing networks such as credit card interchange and the ACH network. Payment gateway also facilitates merchants with the key benefits of managing their transactions, reporting and billing options.

Payment gateway has specifically bridged the gap between payment options of web-based and credit card processors. You must have to setup a merchant account to get your payments in a store and used to take online payments along with payment gateways.

Why Payment Gateway used?

Payment gateway is very beneficial due to several reasons including:

  • E-Commerce gives you various revenue opportunities and an online gateway becomes essential under such conditions by giving its customers a safe and secure way to make purchases.

  • You can very easily conduct online transactions with fewer expenses and more convenient way by using dial-up, leased one or frame relay services.

  • A payment gateway makes sure easy to use and very accessible interface on the basis of which you can review batches and exceptions and you can very conveniently manage your merchant account whenever you need it.

How Do Payment Gateway Work Ideally?

A payment gateway is ideally used to facilitate the information transfer between payment portal and by using front end processor or you can even acquire a bank. You can get all the facilitation with step by step guidelines instructed by our experts.

Which Payment Gateway is Ideal for you?

Host Merchant Services gives you recommendations to use in house gateway and virtual terminal solution with HMS Express.

Host Merchant Services also supports all types of shopping carts virtually and configuring them by using our partnership with We will facilitate you with this process once the merchant account is approved and it sets you up for online process transactions.

Host Merchant Services can be very conveniently setup with another virtual terminal known as transaction central. This terminal is ideally developed with lowering costs and meeting all of our merchant requirements.

If you have already processed with payment gateway online then here is an extensive list of payment gateways with Host Merchant Services payment processing solutions.

Keeping Secure Transactions

When you get the services of payment gateways, it becomes important to make them highly secure. Here is a list of technical details which makes sure that the process associated with payment gateways is highly secured and protected depending on following points:

  • Since in the first stage, customers are usually asked to put their personal details in the transaction process, the payment gateway often works through HTTPS protocol.

  • The validity of the requested payment page and signed request is most commonly used which uses very hash function in which how to setup the parameters of an application are protected with a secret word which is only known to merchant and the payment gateway.

  • The IP of the requested server is verified in validating the payment page results.

  • In payment gateways, the support for acquirer has enhanced along with issuers and consequently payment gateway makes sure the virtual payer authentication with the implementation of secured 3-D protocol which is branded as verified by Visa, SecureCode of MasterCard and J Secure by JCB, which makes sure the additional security layer for online payments. 3-D is specially used to reduce all types of problems faced by online merchants, such as inherent distance between seller and buyer and inability of the first to give the confirmation about the identity of the second.