Mobile based Payment Solutions

You can now change your iPhone, iPad, or Android Smartphone into a very gainful payment processing machine for absolutely free of cost!

You can reach your customers directly by using our state of the art services with HMSPay. If you are representing a contractor or caterer or salon owner, field management personal or someone whose workforce always remain on the move, then HMSPay will make sure you gain success. You can use our mobile payment processing system whenever you are in the field, at a trade show or at a school function or anywhere busy with your outdoor activities.

What is HMSPay?

HMSPay is our highly developed and very secure way for payment processing on your iPad or iPhone or any smart phone devices. It will facilitate you in the growth of your business with the litheness to agree payments and maturing your sales anywhere. You can very conveniently download the application at your smart phone and then the usage is pretty simple. All you have to do is, connect the device to your phone and begin swiping cards. This will help you to process your payments very conveniently.

When you signup to Host Merchant Services, you can use it either with the Android application or with the iPhone application absolutely free of cost. This application accepts all major credit cards which makes sure its convenience in its use. For the qualifying merchants, free card processing device is also offered and it works as a part of the HMS Guarantee.

This product is specially developed with its connectivity support to 3GS, 3G, 4S, 4 and WiFi. It is very faster and easier to download and then it can conveniently used. HMS will very quickly accept credit card payments easily from then on.

Why use HMSPay?

HMSPay gives you an break point to make your sales easier where you are in the field and your mobile phone is with you. Mobile payments for HMS have accounted for almost Two hundred and Forty billion dollar annually and they are forecasted to develop very rapidly in the upcoming years. Your customers will be much convenient to make sales when you are wandering anywhere and HMSPay lets you accept those payments. Our services are based on following features:

  • Immediate processing in the authorization and reservation of funds

  • It authorizes and captures all types of variations immediately

  • It captures all the relevant data very successfully

  • Making sure email receipts

  • It processes credit cards and then refunds accordingly

  • Void transactions when and where needed

HMSPay is absolutely right solutions for your mobile business needs. You can call us and ask us if you are feeling any issues and we can take your business based on fully mobile with HMSPay!