E-Commerce Solutions

Highly Customized E-Commerce Based Solutions Ideal for Your Business

Host Merchant Services provides you with the latest payment gateway solutions and state of the art eCommerce technologies. HMS has highly experienced resources working with us who will give you complete support in the implementation of e-commerce solutions including PCI Compliance and security. The solutions we offer are very supportive to all virtual terminal and major payment gateways which is ideal for all e-commerce businessmen.

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We will give you exceptional services in connecting your business to possible payment gateways that is specially designed for internet shopping needs for all types of businesses. We take the absolute responsibility of our services offered to our valued customers!

Experience and Advantages

We have acquired unparallel experience and knowledge in the payment processing industry. HMS Chief Executive Office, Lou Honick, has spent more than 10 years in operating a victorious web hosting company and this knowledge has given this existing business enterprise an absolute edge in crafting the electronic shopping solutions for our clients. HMS is capable of crafting and meeting the e-commerce needs of every individual merchant in the industry.

The partnership program offered by HMS demonstrates its flexibility and focus on the precise blending of e-commerce products and services.

We have seamlessly transplanted our retail services with the provision of HMS products and services to your online businesses. The services you will get from us are best in quality with the benefits of immense savings and exceptional customer services that we offer to our retail customers. You will also get an unforgettable experience in the online atmosphere with our highly developed customer and support services.

Tools Used to Develop an Ideal Solution

Tools for our e-commerce solution are:

  • Virtual Terminals

HMS offers you with more flexible solution for your electronic shopping experience with state of the art virtual terminal Transaction Central system. This is a central payment processing system based on web-based solutions and you can successfully run the whole thing through its central toolkit.

  • Payment Gateways

E-Commerce has become an ideal solution to meet your payment gateway transaction needs. We have developed numerous payment gateway solutions exactly to meet your needs. You can select the one that best meet your needs from central transaction to Authorize.net or HMS Express.

  • Mobile Payment Technologies

HMS has enhanced your payment processing experience by using Mobile payment technologies which are offered to both Android and iPhone solutions for your businesses. We will make your customers connected with online shopping cart from the mobile phone and helping them to process their transactions in a very convenient way.

  • Online Shopping Carts

Host Merchant Services gives you necessary support for your website shopping cart needs online. We will support you to find out one that best suits your needs with your ideal payment processing setup. We will give you necessary support to work it in a smooth and reliable way.

HMS Features

You can combine choices with standard merchant account which gives its customers with state of the art Host Merchant Services with following benefits including:

  • Great Services

Our online customer services team is always available to support you 24*7 for any type of your queries online with our online customers support team.

  • Great Rate

We make sure your payment is secured and protected completely. HMS makes it possible with the affordability of your online transaction processing.

  • Lifetime Rate

We offer very straightforward rate including cost plus pricing and the rate once offered will never increase.

  • No Hidden Fees

We have developed our system without any hidden charges with any application fee and low PCI fee without any monthly charges. We make it very transparent and clear to you and never hide any charges when companies do businesses with us.

  • No Contracts

We never lock up in such a system where you have to pay early termination costs. When you want stay with us, it confirms the fact that our services are best in the market.

You can call us today to give us an opportunity to design your system to improve your bottom line in exceptional way which we guarantee it!