Being an Internet-based company, you must possess e-commerce services both for your personal benefit and that of the customer companies you serve.

Host Merchant Services will enable you to discover and acquire the e-commerce package that perfectly suits your company. We shape our services to flawlessly synchronize with your website, enabling you to immediately and conveniently start your business operation.

We present you a partnership program for consolidating your e-commerce services to grant easier handling of those services. This remarkable program offers the following:

  • A complete portal site designed specifically for your company

  • Higher income as your clients can now use HMS processing services via your portal site

  • Company savings thanks to our processing services

  • Admission to our supported e-commerce technologies and gateways such as Transaction Central and

  • Technical support in incorporating the gateway into your shopping cart or company website

We are affiliated with Magneto, osCommerce and other major e-commerce packages. We can accommodate your current layout and make it compatible with our services, saving you some money in the process.