Host Merchant Services presents you a partnership program designed primarily for Web Hosting companies. Making yourself our business partner benefits you by making it much easier for you to offer your products and services to your end clients.

HMS will completely design your partner portal site. Even if you won’t exert much effort, you can now begin selling your merchandise. We will consider your company’s objectives, branding and merchandise in customizing your website.

This targeting approach makes Host Merchant Services a much better option than its competitors. Our technical expertise is unrivaled in the realm of web hosting. We can provide you smart insights and professional assistance to match your unique needs. This reliable expertise originates from our top executive’s prior experience in founding a very triumphant web hosting career. In addition to that, Host Merchant Services is highly committed to providing you the best online customer service.

By being our partner, you can quickly increase your income by means of the amount of processing required by your end clients. Thanks to our generous rates, your clients will be able to save much from the transactions they make. HMS also allows you to save on your company’s processing costs.

HMS will also guide your customers in utilizing and incorporating your previously existing e-commerce solutions. This assistance is part of our complete and custom package. With all sincerity, we assure you that our service will fit your necessities and will save you a lot of money.