As your business partner, Host Merchant Services will grant you complete credit card processing and financial transaction services solutions to achieve smooth transaction with your end customers. We are the best partner for integrating a wholly customizable e-commerce solution that fully caters to your unique needs. Our payment processing solutions allow you to exclusively concentrate on actually managing your business.

HMS stays updated with most recent technologies and we empower you to apply these recent advancements to strengthen your online commerce capabilities. We provide you the most appropriate package. You can select any of the three available tiers of partnership:

HMS offers a joint venture program that exclusively focuses on Web Hosting companies. By being our partner, you can speedily and effortlessly offer products and services to your clients. HMS presents a partnership program that makes web designers gain huge savings for their clients. As a business partner, you can expect that your merchant services will be instantly and conveniently offered to your clients.

HMS will enable you to get your website’s most suitable e-commerce package. Our services are designed to permit easy integration with your company website. This allows you to speedily and easily start your business processes.

HMS offers a partnership program, which particularly centers on companies that provide professional services. Becoming our partner makes it very easy and comfortable for you to receive credit card payments from your clients.

HMS also presents a partnership program that is highly appropriate for Accountants and Accounting Firms. By partnering with Host Merchant Services, your clients can easily and quickly receive your merchant services.