How do I refer a lead?

Remember to include your name and email address in the Comments portion to experience proper crediting of incentives.

How must I answer queries related to rate?

Rate isnít a simple matter. Itís therefore ideal to suggest that we will submit a written proposal explaining the fees to be charged and the dynamics of credit card processing. If the particular merchant currently has a processor, it will be very helpful that the merchantís two most recent statements will be submitted for free analysis. To submit them:

We assure that we will beat their existing providerís rate or give them $50 for their time. Depending on the customerís card type, rates may begin as low as 1.05% and may reach up to 3.0%.

Explaining our pricing model:

Host Merchant Services only quotes using Interchange Plus pricing, which is also popularly known as Cost Plus. This pricing provides a fixed rate over published Interchange Fees. This type of pricing is usually quoted as a discount rate or percentage fee together with an authorization or per item fee. Plus pricing is very advantageous by letting you completely know how much you are paying your processor for its services. You have to keep in mind that Interchange and all the related fees are unavoidable costs. You wonít escape them even if you look for other processers. Although these fees may be renamed to something more pleasing, you will still end up spending on Interchange fees. Understanding the markup being paid over Interchange makes you completely knowledgeable of the amount that you pay your processor and the amount that will be received by the card associations. This knowledge allows you to cleverly discern if the markup makes sense and therefore aids you in choosing the appropriate processing partner. Host Merchant Services also presents you supplementary resources about the available pricing model:

What countries can we process for?

At present, we can only directly process for customers in the US who own a US bank account. Despite this, we can still handle merchants in other parts of the globe through our referral partners.

What types of merchants can be accepted?

We will accept any US based individual or business that possesses a US bank account. We provide solutions for business-to-business, retail, e-commerce and almost any other related aspect. We easily integrate with majority of shopping carts, POS systems, credit card terminals and payment gateways. 

What to do if currently my customer has a termination fee with another provider?

We will simply pay the competitorís termination fees. Generally, we will spend up to $250. However for large merchants, who have more than $50,000 in monthly processing volume, we are more than willing to pay up to $500.

Can my clients use their existing equipment, gateway or software?

We will allow them in most cases. Version replacements or upgrades may sometimes be necessary for PCI compliance. For this aspect, we can assist and even subsidize for your customers.

What about PCI Compliance?

Like other online merchants, Host Merchant Services considers secure transactions as the key element for servicing customers. HMS offers its clients and future customers PCI Compliance Incentive that contains a free security scan, analysis and report. All our clients get automatically enrolled into our PCI Compliance program. The annual fee for PCI Compliance is $49.99.