Industry: Restaurants

Best Credit Card Processing Services for Restaurants

Host Merchant Services offer complete satisfaction in credit card processing and the transaction of financial services for restaurants.

  • HMS is the ideal choice to give payment processing to restaurants.

  • The credit card processing solution we have designed is very flexible specially designed and developed for restaurants.

  • The rates we offer are lowest in the market with complete reliability and satisfaction in transaction security and helps in integrating easy point of sale.

Services at its Best

Host Merchant Services gives trust and reliability to your payment processing industry. The inner working in this specific type of industry is bit confusing. But Host Merchant Services educate their customers to get rid of hidden fees with the provision of excellent services when needed at its most. The pledges of services we offer include the following points:

  • We give complete explanation how the payment processing system works.

  • HMS makes sure the delivery of personal services with clarity.

  • If you are facing any problems, we are available to resolve them.

  • The line operators will always be available to answer your calls.

  • Our customer services are available 24*7*365.

Flexibility at the Point of Sale Integration

Host Merchant Services gives you ideal solution with a very flexible point of sale integration to meet your payment processing needs.

Host Merchant Services will give you an ideal solution in payment processing that will work with your current point of sale and we can design a completely new one solution for you specifically meeting your business needs. Our complete range of services is specially focused at your restaurants needs including:

  • Gift Cards. We provide you complete range of loyalty services along with gift cards to keep your business very smooth to your restaurants.

  • Catering. We have developed wireless equipment, check services for your payments; recurring billing needs and payment gateways online are available now to make catering business comfortable and reliable in their payment processing.

  • E-Commerce. We have specially developed virtual terminal solutions with payment gateways and mobile payments that give you the power to take your orders online.

  • POS System. Our POS System or point of sale is specially designed to meet your restaurant needs.

  • Free Equipment

  • We make sure very safe and hassle free credit card and debit card processing by giving you offers of machine and receipt papers you need to swipe transactions.

  • Host Merchant Services offer you very reliable credit card processing terminal and free receipt paper when you sign up and become a member of Host Merchant Services.

Call us today and let us give an opportunity to design a solution to improve your bottom line dramatically Ė We guarantee it!

Guaranteed Low Rates

Host Merchant Services offers you with guaranteed low rates and we also make the acceptance of credit cards very affordable. To achieve this objective, HMS offers:

  • We give guarantee if we canít save your money then we will give you a gift of at least $50 Gift Card

  • We offer fee rate analysis to show you where you can save it

  • We promise a rate that will never increase with the passage of time

  • The interchange and pricing model we offer is best in the market