About Host Merchant Services

Host Merchant Services has increased the trust of online payment industry and we are registered and legally established ISO (independent sales organization) with MasterCard International and USA Visa and with the necessary sponsorship given by Wells Fargo Bank, Walnut Creek, CA.

Processing of payment has always been confused and the decisions about making payment become difficult with fee and rates associated in allowing credit cards. HMS believe on precision and personal services for each of our merchant. Our experts help you in understanding the system and explain everything clearly. The fact is that, when you get the account report every month, you will become aware of every entry and you can see that everything you have got from the sales promises we made. We have live support to answer any of your queries online at HMS and with any problem you can get the right solution from us. It is a very simple process without complication and some of the companies donít have it at all. You might use them earlier, when shifting to our payment processing methods. A few of our customers have told us their experience with other merchant services companies. We promise you for better services and when you switch to our payment services, you will see our services too. We offer great services by highly experienced and great people and these services are available at exceptional rates. We promise you, only what is feasible!